Friday, 27. August 2010
re-biennale at giardini

the staff of the greek pavilion has been kind enough to give us the opportunity of presenting our work and the re-biennale at their space in the giardini

people involved in the biennale, especialy curators and organizers have the possibility to get in contact with the re-biennale team and think with them about future uses for the materials used in the exhibitions


ReBiennale is a project born in 2008 out of an experiment to recover the discarded materials from the Art and Architecture Biennales, with the aim of giving them a new life and to promote the processes of sustainability. Now ReBiennale has become an international network of different people, including activists, collectives, students, architects, artists, writers and technicians.

This year one of the activities is the reopening of the former centro sociale Morion as a social and cultural location for the neighbourhood and as a space for international artists.

To improve its social qualities the Austrian collective ika contributes with various interventions. One of them is to set up giardino fantastico in Morion, a garden with plants given by the neighbourhood, which will be enriched by "green gifts" from the opening of the Greek pavilion.

colletive ika - Clemens Bauder, Christine Hechinger, Franz Koppelstätter, Thomas Kluckner, Magdalena Reiter, Klaus Michael Scheibl,

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giardino fantastico VII the giardino
fantastico in its (at least for now) final stage in...
by architektenfreund (9/1/10 9:23 AM)
giardino fantastico VI thanks to
the generosity of the greek pavilion we could bring even...
by architektenfreund (8/31/10 10:51 PM)
giardino fantastico V more and
more plants are coming in. thanks to all the kind...
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re-biennale at giardini II our
stand in front of the greek pavilion was put up...
by architektenfreund (8/28/10 10:34 AM)
re-biennale at giardini the staff
of the greek pavilion has been kind enough to give...
by architektenfreund (8/27/10 9:46 AM)
giardino fantastico IV we become
more and more plants from our neighbours
by architektenfreund (8/27/10 9:34 AM)
re-biennale at morion our dear
friends of the re-biennale joined forces with the british pavilion...
by architektenfreund (8/27/10 9:07 AM)
riaperture we are getting closer
to our final goal - the reopening of the morion...
by architektenfreund (8/24/10 6:26 PM)
next to come all the
parts for the watering system
by architektenfreund (8/24/10 6:24 PM)
global beach today we tried
to support our friends from sale by attending their press...
by architektenfreund (8/24/10 6:23 PM)
giardino fantastico III work on
the garden is progressing
by architektenfreund (8/24/10 6:14 PM)
cinema paradiso IV
in dziga vertovs movie 'The Man With A Camera' the point of...
by architektenfreund (8/24/10 6:12 PM)
cinema al morion it turnes
out we are not the first who came up with...
by architektenfreund (8/24/10 6:09 PM)
the bench II meanwhile the
bench is not only used by us and our neighbours...
by architektenfreund (8/24/10 6:03 PM)
giardino fantastico II constantly the
people from our neighbourhood follow our invitation to bring plants...
by architektenfreund (8/24/10 6:00 PM)
cinema paradiso III
with every projection our screen and our audience get bigger and bigger
by architektenfreund (8/24/10 5:55 PM)
fighting the chaos finally a
big boat of the VESTA, the local waste collection company,...
by architektenfreund (8/18/10 11:00 AM)
cinema paradiso II cinema paradiso
goes to the next round to our delight more guests...
by architektenfreund (8/18/10 10:56 AM)
giardino fantastico the next intervention
started: the giardino fantastico is a work in progress. first...
by architektenfreund (8/18/10 10:52 AM)
cinema paradiso
Screening the silent movie “Buster Keaton – Three Ages” CINEMA PARADISO took place...
by architektenfreund (8/16/10 10:39 AM)
the bench the first public
intervention for our summer workshop here in the morion: the...
by architektenfreund (8/14/10 12:12 PM)
benvenuto a venecia
seems like a lot of work is waiting for us
by architektenfreund (8/12/10 7:22 PM)
periscope the first round with
our periscope our periscope shifts perceptions of everyday live and...
by architektenfreund (7/28/10 9:20 AM)

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